Tame the Teen partners with organizations to create programs that are engaging, informative and non-judgmental. 

We believe it takes a connected, informed village to raise a child. 

Our goal is to give parents and caregivers resources and support for connecting with and empowering today's teens. Here are some examples of our past workshops: 

Achievement Anxiety and the Pressure to Succeed

Empower middle schoolers to be motivated and responsible with these 5 habits for creating lifelong learners.

How to Talk About Awkward Stuff 

Yes, it's the sex, drugs and rock and roll talk. 

Stop Nagging, Start Communicating

Avoid these 4 common communication traps and create an ongoing dialog with your teen. 

Caveman Brain, Modern World

Once you understand the limits of the teen brain, you will never see your teen the same. Plus, ideas for adjusting your expections without lowering the bar.  

Lessons Learn From the Movie 8th Grade

The digital age comes with a unique set of challenges. Learn to set boundaries and teach your teens to be discerning tech users. 

Authorative Parenting

Authoratative parenting is high expecations and high emotional availability. It's the sweet spot between old school, "Cause I said so," and new school, "Cause he wants to."