Without nagging and power struggles, you can raise your teen confidently and calmly.  

Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything, you can teach your teen to be independent and resilient. 

And you don’t have to sacrifice your sanity in the process! 

Being a parent of a teen means staying connected to someone who is constantly pushing you away. 

You’re not alone if:  

  • You’ve wondered, “Is it just me, or is raising a teen today harder than it was when I was a kid?”  
  • You worry about your teen, not just the power-struggles and the battles, but what he isn’t telling you. (What does he actually mean when he grunts, “Fine” as an answer to your questions?)  
  • You’re tired of walking on eggshells.  

Parenting is a marathon. 

Raising teens has always been challenging, but today’s world is different than the one we remember.  

When we were young, there were normal teen challenges. Cliques and bullies. Teen angst. Some people had “issues.”  

So what's changed? Mainly, technology and social media.  

As a parent, you're pulled in a million directions. Between the daily battles and the bigger issues, it’s understandable if you feel both fear and frustration when it comes to your teens. 

But teens need us to be aware. They need co-pilots to help navigate their complicated world.

Hi, I'm Helaina Altabef

Full Disclosure: I was a rebellious teen. 

I pushed boundaries and took risks. I was an angsty, know-it-all. I argued with my family, and my teachers often said I wasn’t working up to my potential.  

To pay it forward, I became a teacher. I really “got” my students and earned the title of teen whisperer.  

When I became a parent, I thought I’d be a natural. Much to my surprise, the transition was harder than I imagined.  

The reality of what it takes to stay sane while raising children overwhelmed me. Compared to other moms, I felt like a failure. I was supposed to be good at this!  

I needed support, so I hired a parenting coach, an expert who offered solutions without judgement. Within a few months, my perspective shifted.

Simultaneously, I was working with teens and saw many parallels between my three-year old and my teen students. 

Over time, I honed my approach and saw consistent results at home and at work.  

Then I began sharing my method with parents, and they saw big improvements in their relationships.  

I discovered I had a super-power: Not only do I really get teens, but I’m a translator between them and their parents!  

I developed Tame the Teen, a system for families that has two goals: staying connected during the teen years and empowering teens to become adults. 

When used consistently, this system creates big changes for parents who have “tried everything.”  

Parents need tools that are relevant, easy-to-understand, and do-able because teens need us more than they will ever let on.

As long as you believe any of the following, things can improve:  

  • It’s not too late to repair your relationship. 
  • The teen years don’t have to be miserable. 
  • Your teen is someone you want a long-term connection to.

With the right structure and support, you can end the battles, improve your connection, and help prepare your teens for adulthood. 

And you can do it with confidence and clarity. 

Introducing: "Tame Your Teen---A Crash Course for Parenting in the Digital Age”

The Crash Course Includes 3 Parts: 

  • Downloadable Lessons
  • Live Coaching Calls
  • Community 

Downloadable Lessons

No more endless searching for answers to parenting questions! 

You'll receive:

  • 7 lessons that are released weekly. These can be listened to or watched on the go.  
  • Plus, you'll get tools like bullet-point summaries, go-to lines and cheat sheets, which will help you apply the content immediately.

 Live Coaching Calls 

Get your questions answered! 

Twice a month, we do live calls as a group, which you can access from your phone or computer.

In these calls, you can: 

  • clarify any material from the lessons.
  • troubleshoot any parenting fails that come up. (Don’t worry, we all have them!)  

Facebook Community

Community keeps us connected and sane. 

In the daily grind, we forget that we are not alone. 

You'll have access to a private Facebook group where you can continue the conversation. 

By the end of the Crash Course, you will have the resources for: 

  • understanding your teens and their challenges. 
  • improving your communication.
  • teaching your teen resilience, independence and problem solving. 
  • partnering with your teen on their path to adulthood.  
  • feeling connected and confident.  

Here's What You Will Learn in Each Downloadable Lesson

Lesson 1: Modern World, Caveman Brain  

At the end of this class, you will be clear about how the teen brain is responsible for frustrating and dangerous teen behaviors. You’ll understand the limits of the teen brain, and be able to adjust your expectations.  

You will discover: 

  • A simple and powerful understanding that will put an end to thoughts like: “If he’s like this now, how will he ever be okay/independent.”
  • How to get you teen thinking differently about risk without telling him what to do.
  • New understanding and empathy for the teen experience that melts off frustration and fear.

You will receive:  

  • Cheatsheet: Bullet point takeaways about the teen brain  
  • Power Tool: The Authoritative Parent: the sweet-spot between old school and new school 
  • Blueprint: How to talk about risky things without lecturing  

Lesson 2: Less Nagging, More Communicating  

In this class, you’ll become aware of the most common communication traps and how to avoid the things that trigger melt-downs. You’ll learn to how listen so that they’ll talk, and leave with strategies for reconnecting after a blow-up.

You will discover: 

  • How to stay in the now so that things don’t escalate.
  • A quiet way to end power struggles. 
  • 3 new ways to communicate that allow teens to be heard.  
  • How to start “building a bank goodwill.”  

You will receive:

  • Cheatsheet: How to avoid the most common communication traps.
  • Super List: What can I ask other than “How was school?”
  • Power Tool: Pressing Pause  

Lesson 3: End the Power Struggles: Set Your Boundaries, Pick Your Battles.  

At the end of this class, you will see that there are both strengths and weaknesses in your relationship with your teen. You will identify your boundaries, and have go-to language for communicating and maintaining them.  

You will discover: 

  • The right boundaries for your family.
  • Why teens need boundaries even though they say they don’t.
  • How to message your boundaries in teen-speak.
  • What to do when boundaries are crossed other than take away their phones. 
  • Why letting the small stuff go increases the success about the things that really matter.

You will receive:

  • Cheatsheet: The boundary setting process
  • Worksheet: My wants vs. my needs
  • Power tool: All that’s right with you, right now. 

Lesson 4: Making Teens Discerning Tech-Users  

Screens aren’t going anywhere. Teens have technology, but what about the infrastructure? That's up to us to create in the form of limits and habits. At the end of this class, you’ll understand your role in the screen equation and feel confident about enforcing it.  

You will discover: 

  • How screens impact academics and overall health. 
  • Signs that screen use is a problem and how to correct it. 
  • How to parent with authority so that your screens don’t rule your home. 
  • How to create screen-free opportunities so that your teens have down time. 

You will receive:

  • Cheatsheet: Best practices for screen use. 
  • Info Sheet: Best apps and guides for monitoring screen use and bully prevention. 
  • Power Tool: 3-C’s of social media usage.  
  • Power Tool: Screen-free opportunities.  

Lesson 5: Teen Anxiety--The New Teen Angst  

Anxiety is on the rise in teens. If they don’t learn coping skills, they melt down easily and often. At the end of this class, you’ll have basic tools for helping your teen recognize and manage their anxiety.  

You will discover: 

  • Common anxiety triggers for teens.
  • The verbal and behavioral cues that indicate stress and how to respond.
  • The signs that your teen needs a mental health checkup.
  • The importance of down time and how to prioritize it in a busy life.  

You will receive:

  • Cheatsheet: Takeaways about teen anxiety
  • Power tool: Naming and talking to your stress
  • Info sheet: Stress management tools and techniques
  • Power tool: Signs of stress to address and who to turn to.

Lesson 6: Teach Problem-Solving Instead of Solving Their Problems  

Now that you understand your teen and you’ve restored connection, we shift the focus to habits that create independence and resilience! 

At the end of this class, you’ll be aware of opportunities for teens to solve to their own problems. You’ll know how to shift responsibility, and be confident that doing so is empowering for both of you.  

You will discover:

  • How to let teens “fail safely” so that they build resilience and strength.
  • Tactics for avoiding the overparenting trap by shifting your role from caregiver to coach.
  • The mindset shift you can model that’ll encourage problem-solving.
  • Your go-to response to: “I’ll do it myself!!”  

You will receive: 

  • Cheatsheet: Shifting from caretaker to coach.
  • Power Tool: Turning failure into a learning opportunity.
  • Blueprint: Email template that can help your teen become his own advocate.  

Lesson 7: Preparing your teen for independence  

At the end of this class, you’ll have identified the skills and responsibilities that your teen is ready to learn. Whether it’s becoming more organized, doing house chores, or teaching basic finances, you’ll have a plan to gradually and intentionally teach these skills. Do this for your teen’s future self! 

You will discover:

  • A gradual plan for developing new habits.
  • Simple organizational structures so that they can take care of themselves.
  • Ways to motivate your teen so you don’t have bribe them.  

You will receive:

  • Cheatsheet: Skills for life.
  • Power Tool: How to teach 10 basic things every adult should know and how to model them.
  • Blueprint: A skill a season.  



  •  The first session is to help you identify strengths and areas for improvement so you can maximize this experience.  
  • The second session is at the end of the Crash Course. We’ll evaluate your progress and identify your goals going forward. 

You are ready! Let's transform your relationship with your teen. 

The Crash Course includes: 

  • 7 Video/Audio Lessons
  • Cheatsheets, Scripts, Go-to Lines, Reading Lists
  • 8 Live Calls
  • Facebook Community
  • Bonus: 1 Hour Live Call with Helaina Altabef

Join Tame the Teen’s Crash Course for $197.  

Once you click the Register button, you’ll be taken to our secure checkout.  

After your registration is complete, you’ll be sent an email receipt. Then, you will receive an email with your call schedule and the login information for the lessons. If you sign up as one of our first 30 parents, you will also receive an email with a scheduling link for your one-on-one call with Helaina.  


"A lot has changed since working with Helaina. Tame the Teen’s process is collaborative and incremental, but the results are dramatic. 

Before I was trying to manage my sons’ time and routines in a way that I felt was most productive.  

Now I’ve learned how to set expectations and be consistent, but also to step back more and let my sons become responsible. I nag them less and we get along more because they are owning what they need to do.I recommend Tame the Teen to frustrated parents who have tried everything to get their children to listen, cooperate and be responsible."

Linda O. Saddle River, NJ

"Parenting can be so overwhelming, and it can seem like everything is broken. I’ve spent lots of money trying to help my son, and Tame the Teen has produced the best results in a short amount of time. 

Helaina helped me see that my son isn’t broken. That is a big part of it. In just a few months, he is far more engaged and takes more responsibility for himself. He is starting to solve his own problems. 

Helaina is a mix of educator, coach, and kind, go-to person. I recommend Tame the Teen for parents who want real, lasting change in their teens and improvements in the relationship." 

 Wendy B. Montclair, New Jersey

What struck me about Helaina is her clarity and compassion for both caregivers and teens. Helaina has stellar knowledge of the young mind, and an amazing ability to communicate to parents and caregivers how to get through to it. 

She emphasizes a balance of expectations, communication, boundaries. She reminds parents that our children are working through so many layers-- identity, peer acceptance, brain development, social pressures. But she doesn’t leave you hopeless, unlike so much of what I read about today’s teens. Helaina has tools for managing teen behavior with a mix of consistency, understanding, and curiousity. 

She also taught me to communicate with unemotional directness, something my teens really respond to. 

Marie S. Montclair NJ 


I’ve spent a lot of money and time trying to "fix" my teen and our relationship. Why is this different?  

Teens are very difficult to change. Therefore, the best way to "fix" your relationship is to change your approach. It sounds like you need new tools! 

Tame the Teen is up to date on all things teen. These lessons are full practical and do-able. If you're willing to learn, everything you need is provided for long-term change. 

I am very busy and get overwhelmed easily. Is this course right for me?  

You have access to this information for 4 months. You can learn at your leisure and download the extras if you choose. The group calls are even flexible--if you can't make them, you'll get the replay. You can choose how much you do, and can always go back to it later.  

How long should it take to see some change?  

Most parents notice that after implementing the strategies in the first 2 lessons, there is less tension at home.  

Of course, parenting is a marathon, so don’t be surprised if you revisit this content .  

How does the process work?  

This course is designed with the busy parent in mind. I would start by downloading the resources for each module and saving them on your computer or phone. I would look them over prior to each lesson. This will take no more than 10-15 minutes.  

Then listen or watch the lesson. Remember, I’m a teacher and I’m a parent, so I know that attention spans are short and time is precious. The information is broken down into bite-sized chunks.  

Afterwards, I recommend reading the cheat sheets. They summarize the most important points, which will help you retain the information. (Screen shot them for easy reference.)  

Bonus points: do the reflection exercises afterwards. This will take the theory and make it personal. That offers the greatest likelihood of the information sticking.  

Will the lessons be audio or video?  


What if I am unable to attend the live calls?  

They will be recorded and you will see them in your dashboard.  

What if I need one-on-one help during this process?  

Once you enroll in the course, and familiarize yourself with the content, you may purchase one-on-one sessions.